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I have always wanted to be a writer, but like so many wanna bees, I always had an excuse. My cat got stuck in a tree, I’m too tired, I can’t write until I retire, I’m just too busy, today is Monday, but if it was Saturday, and I’m not fishing , then I will get started, or … well, you get the picture. The bottom line is that I was scared to even try. I was scared that the words wouldn’t come, that I would fail.
So, time flew by, I became older and perhaps a little wiser, and a lot less scared of failure. But the thing that really kick started my writing career is a critique group. One day I received an e-mail from a member of the Writers and Poets Society inviting me to join his group. I had been attending the meetings for about three months and had started writing a page or two and sharing it with the other members. Well, Tom noticed and shot me an email. I asked Tom, why me? “Because,” he said, “You are the only member of the group that acted serious about writing.”
Wow! I was floored, face down. So I joined Tom and his friends, Terri, Debi, and Sandy. Terri had written three best selling and award winning books, and I had written a term paper. Man, was I intimidated! But I persevered and we became close friends and hard critics of each other’s work.
Tom left the group after about three years. The gall of him leaving me alone with three females! Well, after three years alone with Terri, Debi, and Sandy, I learned more about female stuff than I cared to know. I guess they thought of me as just one of the girls. But, what’s really bad, I thought of myself as just one of the girls!
They taught me how to write. But, more than that, they gave me confidence. They brought me out of my shell. I was no longer scared. I stopped making excuses. Thank you Terri, Debi, and Sandy for letting me be one of the girls. And thank you Tom for the invitation. So, if you want to know about breast sizes (Debi), hot flashes and “that time of the month” just ask me, I’m an expert!
The result of becoming girly are two books, Horse Bones, 12 Tales of Secrets, Ghosts, and Legends, a book for middle readers, and my first novel, Callie Kinser of Brush Creek. Callie is also an Indie national award winner for fiction and a Florida Writers Association award winner. I regret that I waited until I was sixty years old to gather the nerve to actually make an attempt to put one finger to keypad, literally, but at least I did it, and that’s what’s important.
By the way, don’t make us southern girls mad, we’ll show you what for!
I live in Yulee, Florida, pronounced You-lee, with my wife, Linda. Together we have a Brady Bunch family of nine children and 20 grandyoungins’. I’ve been told that I should keep my pants zipped. What fun is that?

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